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Help Us Spread the Word!

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We could really use your help in getting this important information out to others in our community. The best way to share this information with your friends and neighbors would be to go to the top menu, click on Newsletters, then click on this Newsletter and copy the URL shown in your browser. Then open up a new email and paste this URL into the content section of your email – including a couple of sentences of why you think your friends and neighbors would be interested in reading this newsletter and signing up for our Newsletter email list. You can then send this email to any friends in your address book.


Alternately, if you would like to print out some flyers to take to a gathering in your community, you can click on the link below to download a back-to-back 8 1/2 x 11 inch flyer which explains the benefits of creating a public bank and has a link to our website where folks can join and sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

Thanks again for helping us spread the word!

Regards, David Spring M. Ed.

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Download this file (Join the Washington State Public Bank Coalition.pdf)Join the Washington State Public Bank Coalition.pdf[Click Here to download our Public Bank Coalition Broschure]723 Kb