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Videos on Benefits of Creating a Public State Bank

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Ellen Brown is the author of Web of Debt, a book which explains how risky gambling by Mega Bank monopolies crashed our economy – and how creation of State Banks can help provide credit for small local businesses, restore jobs and rebuild our economy from the ground up.

There are several interviews of Ellen available on the internet where Ellen and others explain the benefits of a State Bank. On this page and subsequent page, we provide links to a few of the best. All of these videos are between 5 to 10 minutes.

 On this page are two videos.

All Banks Should be like the Bank of North Dakota

This first video is an excellent 4 minute introduction to State Banks explaining how a State Bank can help create jobs and restore our economy. This is the same video which is on our home page. 

The second video is a brief 10 minute video calleds “
Ellen Brown Details How to Have A State Own Bank”. 



On Subsequent Pages are:

2: How a State Owned Bank could help us Fix our Economy and restore jobs

(A four part series showing a 40 minute presentation by Ellen Brown broken into 4 ten minute videos)


3: The Movie "Inside Job" - 2011 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary of the Year

4: The Movie "Secret of Oz" - 2010 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary of the Year

5: Economic Cartoons - Two very popular cartoons explaining the bank bail out and quantitative easing.

6: Other Videos on Benefits of State Banks including two more interviews with Ellen Brown author of Web of Debt.


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