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How a Public State Owned Bank could help us Fix our Economy  

(A four part series showing a 40 minute presentation by Ellen Brown broken into 4 ten minute videos)


In Part 1, Ellen explains how Mega Bank Gambling led to the collapse of our economy and why we will not have a recovery until this problem is addressed.

In Part 2, Ellen explains how Mega Bank Monopolies create profit by creating money out of thin air - and how a public bank is different.


In Part 3, Ellen explains why Mega Banks are an unsustainable pyramid scheme whereas a Public State Bank would promote stable long term economic growth.

In Part 4, Ellen explains why a Public State Bank would save tax payers billions of dollars every year in addition to creating jobs and promoting economic growth.

On the next two pages are a series of 8 Fifteen minute videos which together make up the movie Inside Job which explains in detail how the Mega Bank Monopolies used gambling and bribery to crash the economy - not only in the United States, but all around the world.