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Additional Public State Bank Videos

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On this page are additional videos on the importance of public banking.


This first video features Dylan Radigan explaining why we need to make structural changes to restore our economy. A public bank would be a good first step in the right direction. 



Also below are two more interviews with Ellen Brown and another independent video explaining the benefits of a Public State Bank. All three are about 10 minutes long.


Ellen Brown is the author of Web of Debt, a book which explains how risky gambling by Mega Bank monopolies crashed our economy – and how creation of State Banks can help provide credit for small local businesses, restore jobs and rebuild our economy from the ground up.
For more information on Ellen’s book, Web of Debt, visit her website: Webofdebt.com


The Shocking Truth of our Money System, an interview with Ellen Brown, author of the book “Web of Debt”.

Ellen discusses the Meaning of the Wizard of Oz and how our founding fathers believed in Public State banks.


Web of Debt, an Interview with Ellen Brown

Ellen discusses the advantages and drawbacks of various options that have been proposed to stabilize and restore our economy.

An Introduction to State Owned Banks



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